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 Miharu and Viti!

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Miharu and Viti! Empty
PostSubject: Miharu and Viti!   Miharu and Viti! EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 11:47 pm

Miharu: She is very shy, has snow white hair, and is 16 years old. Her eyes are normally a gold color, but change to green when she's sad, and red when she's mad. Miharu is rarely violent, and has a sweet/soft voice. She also hates violence, but tends to be one with a greater/more inspiring speech. She loves to play the piano, and draw.

Viti - Viti is COMPLETELY the opposite of Miharu. Except she likes to draw too. Viti is a 14 year old girl, and tends to have an anger problem. She get's annoyed easily. And hates most people. She loves to help out, and hates being picked on about her size. She always says to people when needed "Big things come in small packages you know!!" Viti has dark red hair, and mostly wears it in a ponytail with a black ribbon holding it up, her bangs are also put to the side of her face because of how long they are, they almost cover the left side of her face completely! Viti also has gold eyes. Viti is a very good singer, and bass guitarist, she also has a band and is lead vocalist in the band in "An animal love story!".
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Miharu and Viti!
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