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 Leiko Sohma

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PostSubject: Leiko Sohma   Leiko Sohma EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 11:32 pm

((Yes, i know she sounds like a Mary-sue, but what the heck..)) Leiko is a 16-year old, sophomore and she has scarlet-colored hair with forest green eyes. She's not very violent, but she's not too quiet either. Actually, she uses a lot of sarcasm. She has a boyfriend named Ronin ((he's a senior, I may/ may not put him in one of the rp's)) and lives with him, and her other cousins, Sachi, Toyo, Yasuo, and Etsu. She hates things that are very repititve (( I spelled that wrong Dx It means that repeat over and over and over again.)) and likes things that will actually shut up. Leiko likes being alone, because it gives her some time to think.
Leiko Sohma Leiko_12 <--- She looks like this. (Ignore the very random and ugly background)
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Leiko Sohma
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